You can look at, but not buy, the exquisite dolls of Yuki Atae

Antiques and the Arts Weekly, 17 Nov 2000

Yuki Atae, an acclaimed artist and master in fabric figurative sculpture, will have his premiere retrospective exhibition, spanning over three decades of work, at Westwood Gallery in SoHo from December 2 through 15. Atae has taken “ningyo,” a refined art from Japan, to an artistic expression of human emotion, fantasy and everyday life, as represented in his figurative work. 

Although he has not had a previous exhibition in the US, Atae’s work is known throughout the world. His doll sculptures have been exhibited at The Louvre in Paris and at numerous art galleries in Japan. Atae’s artwork is highly sought after by collectors; however, his work is not for sale, it is for exhibition only. Over 80 figurative works will be on exhibit at Westwood Gallery.