Careers: How to be an artist (not a starving one)

Mike Olson, Time Out, 3 Aug 2008

Network. No one wants to go it alone, so find an organization that can connect you with your peers. The New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) and Soho’s Cupping Room Cafe run workshops and meetings where you can discuss things like the relevance of modern sculpture and the cheapest place to get ramen. But to make it into a gallery, you’ll need to track down the movers and shakers.


“Get out there,” says David Nolan Gallery director Katherine Chan. “Work in a museum or gallery where you can meet curators, critics and dealers.” Westwood Gallery ( president and co-owner James Cavello agrees: “Socialize! We have openings during the season that are open to the public.” That doesn’t mean you should show up with a stack of postcards in hand (please don’t); instead, use these opportunities to work the room.