Douglas Kirkland’s photographs of Chanel in New York and Miami

Portal Caras, 12 May 2008

SeaFair is the name of a 228-foot luxury yacht that sails along the east coast of the USA, stopping at major North American cities to the beginning of the Mexican Coast, bringing visitors numerous cultural events inside. SeaFair arrived in Miami a few days ago and will close its activities on Sunday, December 7th. The Yacht is located in the beautiful Miami Beach Marina, and inside the visitor will find exhibitions of photos, antiques, jewelry and paintings to be appreciated and purchased. At the bar within the boat, you can find an exclusive and never-before-seen exhibition of photographs of Coco Chanel taken by photographer Douglas Kirkland.

In 1962, the illustrious photographer was hired by Look Magazine to photograph Mademoiselle Chanel. That was when "Coco" was enchanted by his professionalism and allowed herself to be photographed for three weeks in private settings during her day-to-day life with clients, models, suppliers and friends, in addition to creating an unprecedented photo section in Versailles in their gardens.


Those who are not in Miami until December 7th, it is worth remembering that the same exhibition with 40 photos is also taking place in New York until 12/30 at Westwood Gallery (568 Broadway, suite 501). 

Needless to say, it's worth checking out!