The poetic eye of Leo Matiz

Eduardo Marceles, Vida Hoy, 27 Apr 2001

Leo Matiz had a special eye for capturing the most spectacular and poetic images that align with the energy and the circumstances of the moment. 

When he was very young, Matiz set off on a pilgrimage through Central America until reaching Mexico in 1941. His stay in Mexico proved to be one of the most fruitful periods of his career. There, he exhibited his works in galleries in Mexico City, won awards for his photojournalism, and produced some of his famous portraits of celebrities like Maria Felix, Marc Chagall and Frida Kahlo.

In 1948, Matiz moved to New York City and worked as a photo-journalist for Life magazine and the United Nations, documenting the intense conflict in the Middle East.

A retrospective of Matiz's work is on view now at Westwood Gallery NYC in SoHo. The  exhibition will run from May 3 – June 28