Danny Simmons at The Freedman Gallery, Albright College

Group Exhibition: Parallels and Rupture

Danny Simmons' triptych Whole Lotta Bluz, Take the Long Way Home and Homeward Bound are on view in "Parallels and Rupture" at The Freedman Gallery, Albright College, Reading, PA.


In "Parallels and Rupture" guest curator Matthew Garrison looks at the exploration, experimentation and investigations essential to the creative process, especially when unexpected results shift our understanding of an artist's work, while acknowledging the nonlinear nature of art today through its seamless combination of digital and traditional techniques on the screen and with materials. Artists from diverse backgrounds and communities are central to the exhibition s is the independent spirits of artists, granting them their freedom to exhibit work that breaks from expectations of their artistic practice. Artists in the exhibition include Catherine Lee, Judith Shea, Marilyn Minter, Mahler Ryder, Sara Jimnez, Anna Parisi, Willie Cole, Danny Simmons, Petah Coyne, Joel Carreiro, Turiya Adkins, Romare Bearden, Creighton Michael, Alex Golden, Jennifer Markowitz, Paul Andrade, Margaret Meehan, Susan Crile, Tseng Kwong Chi, and Jeju Island, the artist's collective compromised of Yeon Jin Kim, Eusun Choi, and Kyung-Jin Kim.


"Simmons’ ambitious triptych consisting of Whole Lotta Bluz, Take the Long Way Home and Homeward Bound combines Western and African fabric with gestural passages of color.  The left and right paintings are presented horizontally while the center canvas is oriented vertically with a train of patterned textile fragments extending to the floor.  The paintings’ compositions recall borders, continents, and bodies of water in concert with one another and the fabric.  The dripping paint in all three pieces and hanging fabric in two signify the employment of gravity in the work’s realization, creating tension among the hovering, ascendant forms."

- Matthew Garrison


Parallels and Rupture is on view through December 8, 2024.

29 Aug 2023